My First Post to this new blog experience

For my first post, I have an exciting sale that is going on right now!    End of Summer PROmotion! Available beginning August 29 (12:01am PST). The following are for sale while supplies last. Get ‘em while it’s still hot!

Call me Crazy Stun Gun

Call me Crazy Stun Gun:
riginal price $60 Features 4.5 million Volts, flashlight, built-in/slide out charger, disguised, comes with a case with belt clip.

TINY_Takedown Stun Gun

Tiny Takedown Stun Gun:
Original price $40 Features 1 million volts, flashlight, built-in/slide out charger, ergonomic grip, comes with black nylon holster.

Each of these are not in our new catalogs and are on sale for $20 each!  They come in Pink and Black.

Stun guns are great to keep in your car, by your bed, in your purse, etc.  With this reasonable price you might be able to get one for each place you see you might need one should you ever feel threatened!

Please visit my website: to take advantage of this sale and to see our complete line of products to order and keep yourself and others safe!


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