Where’s Yo Baby – Tracker and Keychain Alarm

Where's Yo Baby

I remember when my daughter, April, was about 3 years old, she never left my side in a store.  We were at McCrory’s at the Mall, there were 2 big openings to leave the store, one on each side of the store.  I looked down and NO April!  I was almost in a panic right away because she just didn’t leave my side, it wasn’t like her.  I was about to start hollering when I got a glimpse of her with my sister Dodie!  I was so happy to see her!  She just saw Dodie and started following her.  If I would have had this kid tracker on her, I would have known when she got 20 feet from me and I would have been able to make Dodie aware too.

This would be a great baby shower gift or present for a toddler.  Features: Velcro wristband, keychain adaptable, adjustable from 3 to 21 feet.

To order “Where’s Yo Baby” or see the complete line of products, please visit www.stunninglyprotected.com


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