Atlantic City NJ – Walking the Boardwalk

We went out and walked 5 miles this morning on the Boardwalk.  I saw many people walking and jogging alone.  It made me think of our “Hot Lil’ Hand” Pepper Spray.

HLH-PEPPER Spray - Jogger

It comes with a one-size-fits-all grip glove that is real nice and keeps the pepper spray handy especially jogging.  It is right there in your hand so you don’t have to hang onto it; it is in the fingerless glove.  Very comfy and gives peace of mind.  You never have to walk or run alone again.  Our Hot Lil’ Hand is the perfect power-walking partner!

.5 ounce, 18% OC, two million SHU, shoots up to 16 feet, quick-release/one-hand operation, locking/glow-in-the-dark nozzle, UV identifying dye, grip clip, safety feature prevents accidental discharge.  Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, but some have restrictions.  Check your state by searching in Google….Pepper Spray Laws (your state).

Pepper Spray is the thing to have to deter animals, domestic, wild and human! (Humans that want to hurt other humans puts them in the animal category!)


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