Holla at Me Alarms and Sock it to Me Kubotan

Holla at Me Alarms:  (Bundle for free, Check back tomorrow to see how!)

When I was walking in Florida, I was wishing for something that would make noise if I needed it.  I was thinking of a whistle or something like that.


This is much better; I think if you are scared, it would be much easier to flip a switch than to use your voice!  It was funny, just as I was wishing for this April called me and told me about Damsel in Defense.  I signed up right away and had my kit sent to Florida this past March.  I love our products and the peace of mind to have at least something to protect myself and others.  I think this would even scare an animal away from you.  I am buying my grandchildren each a Holla alarm to carry with them.  If they were grabbed with their mouth covered, they might be able to reach the switch to set off the 120-decibel lungs to holler for them!  This could startle the abductor to let go and run away, because normally they don’t want to attract attention and look for easy targets.  Who knows, it could save their life!

 The Sock it to Me Kubotan: (Bundle for free, Check back tomorrow to see how!)

Sock it to me Kubotan

This popular keychain striking tool increases the power of any defensive strike.  It is legal in all 50 states, so it is an ideal self-defense tool for women of all ages!

Please visit my website at http://www.stunninglyprotected.com to find these and many other products to keep yourself and your loved ones Stunningly Protected!  Be sure to check back tomorrow to see how to get these two products FREE! You want to know right now…..go to Monthly Special Category on my website.  They have to be ordered as September 2014 Back in School PROmotion to get them Free.


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