Back in School PROmotion

Our Back in School September PROmotion is sure to please!  It is the perfect purchase for someone that cannot carry a stun gun or pepper spray, but still needs protection.  It is also a great addition of protection and safety for those that can carry a stun gun or pepper spray.  When you purchase our Stash On The Dash and Roadtrip Auto Tool, you will receive a FREE Holla At Me Personal Alarm AND a FREE Sock it To Me Kubotan! 

Road Trip Auto Tool STASH on the Dash HOLLA_large Sock it to me Kubotan

Stash on the Dash: Today’s woman is always on the go! Grab this stash when you’re on the dash and always be ready for those unexpected “Hermergencies!”  This is another kit that contains several well thought out items from first aid to sewing, you are covered!  Another great gift that most any woman would be happy to get!

When ordering from the online catalog at my website, please select the September 2014 Back in School PROmotion displayed in the Monthly Special Category.  If the products are purchased separately, the free items will not be included.  This special must be orders using the PROmotion bundle and is $50.


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