Junk in the Trunk

This kit has everything that you or your loved ones would need for a survival situation!  It comes in a heavy-duty reflective utility bag and has an external pocket for additional storage.  Check out my website at www.stunninglyprotected.com  to find the list of everything that is included in this bag!  It took a lot of thought to think of what you would possibly need!  From Jumper Cables to Purified drinking water pouches……

JUNK_in the Trunk

All packed up in a handy little bag.  This bag provides peace of mind in the event of a dead battery or brief auto emergency.  You will have the necessary tools to wait for help or alert others. The reflective tape makes it easily visible.  Price is $70….and is under our Hermergency in the online catalog www.stunninglyprotected.com.  You can purchase it for ½ price with a $100 party or you can get it for free with a $500 party. ($75 in free product perks) along with 1 more item at half price.  Your party can be online or if you would like a home show (Empower Hour) let me know and I will either do the show for you or if you live to far from me, I will try to work something out for you.



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