Road Trip – Auto Emergency Tool

Our Auto emergency tool belongs in every vehicle of yours and your loved ones.  They would make great Christmas gifts to anyone that has a vehicle.  The Road Trip should be kept always in the same place that is easy to reach if needed in a hurry!  It Features: LED emergency beacon, magnetic head that will stick to your vehicle, glass-breaker, seat-belt cutter, 3-bulb LED flashlight and alarm. The alarm isn’t as loud as the Holla alarms, but an alarm just the same.

Road Trip Auto Tool

I have always thought of the glass breaker needed for emergency escape in case you were somehow submerged in water.  But, if there was an accident with fire and your power windows and doors were locked or jammed, you would need something such as this to help you get out.  The seat belt cutter would be useful if you couldn’t get to the latch or if it was jammed.  It would help you to quickly free a child out of a car seat when time is of the essence as well.

Built in magnets attach to the side or top of the vehicle with the emergency beacon on.  This Road Trip Auto Emergency Tool can be found in our “Security on the Go” Line of Products.  Please visit my website at  for this and many other products to help keep you Stunningly Protected as you travel.




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