Keep Your Hands Free

Don’t tie up your hands with arms full of clutter.  Pack your goods into bags with shoulder straps or even a backpack to reduce your risk.  Keep your hands free to reach for your pepper spray that is not in the bottom of your bag, but in quick reach attached to your Breakaway!

BREAKAWAY Pepper Spray Lanyard

Our Breakaway Lanyard is great to carry your pepper spray on it, as it provides easy access if needed in a hurry.  It is great for carrying your little scan cards for department stores as well, you can give it a pull to easily separate it when you need the clerk to scan your card.

HARD Core Pepper Spray

Our Hardcore .5 oz Pepper spray with 5 different colors to choose from.  You may be tenderhearted but you can still carry a “hardcore” in your hand.  With personal protection this affordable….. it just makes sense to have one in every color!  To read more on/order these and other products, please visit my website at

I keep pepper spray in various places so that I am never without it!

Stay Safe and Stunningly Protected!


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