Striking Power!

I have been reading in various martial arts articles concerning our Sock it to me striking tool.  In martial arts it is called a Kubotan and is the perfect self defense weapon for pressure point fighting because it permits a smaller person to generate a tremendous amount of striking power.  Every woman and college student should have one of these on their key chain.

Sock it to me Kubotan

Physical Self Defense:

1. Unarmed Fighting: involves knowing how to protect yourself or a loved one from a physical attack.  I know a few guys who were trained in the service.  One was a guy that was in the Marines and was a Recon.  We were walking on a trail and came upon him quickly.  He jumped and said he could have killed us with his finger.  Well I for one do not know techniques to protect myself or others with a finger, and don’t think I would do so well with anything else, so I am going with the 2nd.

2. Armed Fighting: using tools; various hand held weapons such as firearms, knives, sticks, kubotans, pepper spray, stun guns, and everyday objects or homemade weapons.

Most likely firearms would be the best to protect you if you were up against an attacker, but only if it was loaded and ready to fire quickly. I like to have pepper spray and a stun gun handy just in case I need to put the attacker out of commission long enough to give time to lock and load. I know there are many people that do not like firearms and would be afraid to use them.  Pepper Spray and Stun Guns are next in line in my book, but they are for another post.  With this post I will concentrate on our Sock it to me, Striking tool.

The Sock it to me, striking tool is a target specific self defense weapon that must be purposely applied to a specific target.  You need to strike someone where it will give you the best results for them to let you go and leave you alone.  Most attackers are looking for an easy target.  Don’t be that easy target!  Protect yourself and others.

I have found there are several kubotan targets that you can either strike or apply pressure (as a pressure point).  Preferably, the best targets for striking a human with a kubotan are those highly sensitive “bony targets” that are closest to the surface of the skin.  Here are some places that you will find the kubotan most effective in a self defense situation….. Eyes, temple, throat, base of skull, collar bone, sternum, groin, spinal line, elbows, hands.

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Stay Safe and Stunningly Protected! 🙂


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