An Alarming Short Story Continued

Continued from October 7th….

Deep in the woods Ed, Jake, Don, Gibble and the two guides, Little Mayze and Bryan saw several deer and other wild life.  They had walked quite a ways in and were now split up and looking for the way out.  Bryan went to find Don and Gibble who had left the group to track a deer.  They were glad to see Bryan because they felt like they were just going in a big circle. Bryan started aiming for a tree way ahead of him and then aiming for another when he got to the tree, focusing on each tree helped them to not circle.

Mayze found a small creek and was following it, hoping to end up somewhere that he could identify.  Jake was happy to walk along the creek bank because he really would rather be fishing. This reminded him of finding just the right spot to fish!  Ed was enjoying the walk.

The guides were keeping an eye on the sun to keep to their direction until it had gone down.  Now the sun had set and it kept getting darker. They were starting to get a little worried, but didn’t tell the others.  Bryan was thinking of stopping and building a fire.  At least Mayze might see the fire and get back with him, so they would all be together except for Jim.  Poor Jim, he was still in the tree stand, that they couldn’t get back to.  Now that the sun had set, it was getting cold.

All of a sudden there was a really loud sound of an alarm!  What in the world?  Bryan decided to head toward it.  Maybe it was someone that needed help and maybe they would find their way out tonight!  They were all hopeful!

As they walked the alarm became louder!  It had been approximately 15 minutes when they heard something coming behind them! Little Mayze had caught up to them!  He had also decided to go toward the alarm ringing.  They walked on together, glad to be back in each others company!

As they walked, things started looking more familiar even though it was quite dark.  Bryan had brought along the emergency flashlight he kept in his car that was a gift from his sister. (Road Trip – Auto Emergency Tool)

Road Trip Auto Tool

They got to where Jim was and found he was the one with the alarm and did need help.  The bleeding had stopped in his leg, the wristle bracelet tourniquet did the trick, but he needed help walking out.

They were all soon out of the woods, Jim had his leg fixed up by the doctor and they decided to make Jake happy and just go fishing the next day!  Jim had a lot to tell them about his day in the tree stand.  How the alarm had saved him from the bear and brought him help.  He was surprised to hear that he actually helped all of them with his alarm.  They were lost and would have had to stay in the woods all night had they not heard his alarm.  At least Jim didn’t have to tell his wife that he got lost, but he would thank her for her damsel in defense products that saved his life! 🙂

Ha Ha  I hope you enjoyed my short story!  It was kind of fun to let my imagination wander!

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Be Safe and Stunningly Protected! 🙂


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