Is someone in the House? !

I was a vendor this past weekend with my Damsel in Defense at a Pumpkin Fest in Benton, PA.  It was a fun time and I did very well.

The best part of this business is meeting new people, making new friends and helping them to keep safe.  It is very interesting to talk with the ones who visit my booth.  I hear all kinds of stories and ideas on self defense.  This blog post is about one of the ideas a lady gave me about our Holla at me Alarms.  This is the same alarm that I wrote the short story about on October 7th.


These alarms are very loud (120 decibels).  The lady told me she had heard that an alarm like this would be good to have, in case someone came into your house that wasn’t suppose to be there.  You could set the alarm off and the intruder would think that the police could be on their way!  Most likely they would think they needed to get away fast and leave your house in a hurry!

After she told me that, I realized these alarms do sound like the security alarms in houses.  I thought this was a great idea for an elderly person or someone living alone that doesn’t like the pepper spray or stun guns.

To view/order these alarms and all of our self defense and personal protection products, please visit my website and

Stay Safe and Stunningly Protected! 🙂


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