Flashlight Self Defense

I was going in to my daughter Terra’s the other night and decided to carry our Road Trip Auto Emergency Tool.  If you click on the name, it will take you to my blog post that gives all the features to use in your vehicle.  But…… I took it along to use as a flashlight

Road Trip Auto Tool

just in case I left when it was dark to be able to see the way.  Well as I was walking, I thought….Wow! This is not only a great tool to keep in a vehicle.  It would work well for self defense!

The glass-breaker under the red plastic cap would work well to do some damage on someone that was trying to hurt you!  The LED emergency beacon would draw attention to you and the alarm would draw more attention.  (Something the attacker would not like)  They are normally looking for an easy target.  Our stun gun with flashlight and pepper spray are preferable.  But if you don’t like either of those or don’t have them available, I think this flashlight tool would help you to defend yourself! 🙂

To view/order this and the rest of our Damsel in Defense products, please visit my website stunninglyprotected.com

Stay Safe and Stunningly Protected! 🙂

Janie 🙂



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