Road Trip +

My grandson, Chase was leaving my house and asked if I was coming to his house.  I said not until tomorrow.  He is 3 years old.  He then asked me if he could take my flashlight home with him! 🙂  He loves our Road Trip Emergency Auto Tool!  This is Great to carry in your car as I wrote in another post.  But I am finding lots of other uses for it as well!

As they were leaving, I was waving to them out the window.  My daughter told me later that he was saying “Bye Grandma! I have your flashlight!”

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Road Trip Auto Tool


I wrote in another blog post about this also being great as a Self Defense tool when walking.

Now I am finding that little boys love it.  The red flashing light and alarm make it especially interesting.  He can run around acting like he is on his way to a fire!  The flashlight is very captive for him to shine and find things.  He likes me to hide, so he can find me with his/my light.  I put a rubber band around the part that is a seat belt cutter.  I don’t think his fingers could fit in the slot where the blade is, but I didn’t want to take any chances.  The rubber band works very well to guard the blade.  I guess I know what I will be getting Chase for Christmas!  He can play with it, but who knows, it could just end up protect him too!

Stay Safe and Stunningly Protected!

Janie 🙂




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