Commitment and Help Tool :)

When I started blogging, I had planned to post every day.  I found it is a hard thing to do and it takes a lot of discipline.  I did get 31 posts published so that was not bad, but it wasn’t every day.  Now, I just committed to writing every day in November!  I like a challenge so here goes!

Today as I was taking a walk with my husband, I was thinking about our Road Trip Auto Emergency Tool.  In a past post I wrote about how important this is to have in all of your vehicles.  

I also wrote about using this as a Protection Tool when you are walking.

Today I thought of it as being a “Help Tool” if you were in your house and needed help from someone passing by.  The red flashing beacon could be placed in a window that someone driving by would see and most likely someone would stop to investigate.

I think this came to my mind because there was and elderly couple in our area that were victims of a crime. I feel so bad for them and think of them often. They were both in their 80s, and had lived there for over 50 years. The husband was shot and killed and the wife was hurt very badly with a knife.  The wife had to lay in their house with her husband who had passed away from Friday until Sunday. How horrible that must have been for her.  I think I read that she tried to make a sign to put in the window but couldn’t.  I thought of how much easier it would be if our Road Trip was within reach, it is a FLASHING SIGN!

I know I have one in each of our vehicles and will now have one in our house in a place within easy reach of the floor.  Most of the time, when someone is in trouble they cannot stand up.  One note, as I wrote in another post it is also a fun toy for young boys! I put a rubber band around the bottom where the seat belt cutter is.  The space is really small and I doubt they could get a finger in there, but a rubber band serves well to make a guard for the blade.  

For this and all of our other Personal Protection Products please visit my website at

Road Trip Auto Tool

Be safe and keep yourself stunningly protected!

Janie 🙂



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