Peace of Mind

I go to my daughter’s houses about twice per week and drive home around 9:30 – 10:00 p.m.  I always try to remember to take my pepper spray along just in case I would break down or have a flat tire on the way home and end up walking in the dark.

HARD Core Pepper Spray

I feel much safer having the pepper spray with me, just in case I would encounter something that was looking to hurt me.  A couple of times I forgot to get it from my walking bag or purse before I left.

POUCH of Pepper Spray

Our pepper spray is $10.00 each for the small ones pictured above. (Hard Core or Pouch of Pepper).  I decided at that price, I could lock one in our glove compartment of the car, that way I wouldn’t have to worry with making sure I remembered it.  The Peace of Mind is worth it to me to know that it is there.  I hope to never need it and most likely I won’t.  It seems when we are prepared for something, is when it never happens.  I would rather be prepared and have Peace of Mind than to be in a threatening situation and be at a loss on how to protect myself and/or others.

To view/purchase our pepper spray and all of our personal protection products.  Please visit my website at


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