I am Janie Baer, a Born Again Christian, Wife of a Very Supportive Husband, Mother of 2 Wonderful Daughters and Grandmother to 3 Beautiful Adorable Grandchildren! ( 2 Girls, 1 Boy).  I am happy most of the time.  I like to bake, bread mostly.  I make bread the old fashioned way about once per week.  My husband has a big garden, so we enjoy doing a lot of canning.  I like to knit and crochet; I taught my daughters how to do both and now I am working on teaching my granddaughters.

Back in the 80s I was a House of Lloyd Supervisor, which was a party plan business. We had a great time, earned lots of ribbons, awards and two all expense paid trips, one to Hawaii and one to Disney World in FL.  Then I went to work for the Postal Service.  I couldn’t do both jobs so I quit doing parties with House of Lloyd and had one of my team members take over my team.  I always said that when I retire from the Postal Service that I would get back into a party plan business. I enjoyed doing parties and meeting people.   I tried a couple that were and are great companies but I didn’t feel the same motivation with them, so I kept looking.

I was walking in Florida alone while my husband Ed was working.  I was wishing I had some sort of a whistle or something that would draw attention, should I need it.  I talked to my daughter April who found this great company, “Damsel in Defense”! This was just what I was looking for!  I joined as a Damsel Pro right away and had my kit sent to Florida.  I ended up with better than a whistle and peace of mind while I walked! 🙂

This past March is when I joined the company and started my business as Independent Damsel in Defense Pro. Our mission is to Equip, Empower and Educate Women with the tools they will need to protect themselves if they are ever in a threatening situation.  I have a real passion to help women, kids and others to protect themselves. It is so disheartening when I hear of someone being abducted or attacked, especially kids.

It is sad to say that we need something like this to be safe. Whether walking, traveling or at home.  It seems to be getting worse all the time.  I also feel more protected when we walk here in Pennsylvania to deter a wild animal should we meet up with one that is aggressive….I think the Holla at Me Alarm would even help to scare them away….if that doesn’t work, then pepper spray!

I plan to update this blog daily with promotions from our company, features of our products and tips on staying safe and stunningly protected!  Please check back for my current posts.  Better yet, click “follow” on the right hand bottom side and put in your email.  You will receive my current posts in your email and won’t miss any information!

Thank you for taking a look and keeping yourself and others stunningly protected! 🙂





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