Are you ready?

I am reading on fb about drug dealers, crime and home invasions.  It is really sad.  I see on the news that residents in Bath NY are trying to fight back.  It seems that it is in all areas.

I don’t know the answer to stop it, but I at least have some protection just in case.  Our personal protection products include stun guns, pepper spray, kubatons, alarms, etc.  Our pepper spray enables you to defend yourself while keeping a safe distance from an attacker.  Damsel in Defense pepper spray is one of the hottest on the market!  The potency of this spray enables it to bring down the most aggressive of attacker; even those under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  It is sad to think that we need to keep a can of pepper spray or a stun gun as close as our phone, but it is a very good idea, even when we are home.

Our alarms would be very startling as well and may be enough to give you time to get something else if you didn’t have it close.  Even our Road Trip Flashlight would do some damage on someone if you needed to hit them with the diamond point window breaker.

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Be Safe and Keep Yourself and your Loved ones Stunningly Protected!

Janie 🙂

Layer your protection! Our stun guns have disable pins, so if it would be taken from you it couldn’t be used against you.  If taken from you, you should have something else to take its place,like pepper spray or kubaton.   If your able to….

Stun and Run!  or 

Pack a Punch Stun Guns


Spray and Get Away!


HARD Core Pepper Spray


The Sock it to Me.  Increases the power of any defensive strike.


Sock it to me Kubotan

Today our assignment was to write for 10 minutes…..  Ready? Set! Done!!! 🙂


Layer your Protection

Wow! I woke up this morning to notifications of comments and followings of my blog!  That was exciting!  I have to admit, I have felt very busy and wondering if I should have committed to writing every day in November.  This mornings comments and followings were real motivators! Thank you to the ones who messaged and followed my blog! 🙂

For the NaBloPoMo our daily prompt is The Spice of Success.  I am thinking what I am suppose to do is incorporate this prompt into my post, so here goes.

Tuesday is our Training call from our Corporate Headquarters of Damsel in Defense.  I got a lot of good information on Self Defense and Personal Protection that I would like to share with this post.  The Spice of Success in Self Defense is to Be Ready and Not to Get Ready!

Our Stun Guns have a disable pin that has to be inserted into them to enable them to work.  I especially like this feature because of kids in the house, (they would be less likely to be able to turn the stun gun on, stun guns are not lethal, but they HURT!) or if the disable pin is around your wrist which is the plan when you are attacked, it would disable the stun gun should it be grabbed from you.  That would be the perfect world, but we don’t live in a perfect world so you need to layer your protection.  You need to have another form of protection in case the stun gun is taken from you.  We were told today and I am very happy to announce that all of the stun guns ordered from now on will have a Plan B disable pin.  This Plan B will have a key ring on it  to enable you to keep a second line of defense attached to them.  “Layer your Protection”  

Plan B DISABLEPINGet a Grip Large Stun Gun


As you are walking to your car or closing up a business or walking down the street, etc. “Be Ready”, (it is the spice of success in self defense!) so you don’t have to Get Ready!  Have your disable pin in place just in case you find yourself in a threatening situation.  I feel so bad for the girl in Philadelphia who was walking down the street and was abducted this past Sunday.  I pray for her safe return to her loved ones.  I am sad to say in Philadelphia stun guns are not legal to carry.  Could she have used one?  I don’t know, but it would be good to give yourself the chance if it is possible.  I am happy that we can carry stun guns in the rest of our great state.  I just don’t understand why they are not legal everywhere.  If you go to my website and click on shop now, stun guns and then on the picture of a stun gun, it will give you a list of areas they cannot ship to.

Real Life, you might not have time to Be Ready!  And you might not have time to Get Ready.  We have several other defense tools that could be used and attached to your stun gun disable pin. (Another chance for success in self defense)  If it is grabbed from you, they leave you with the disable pin and your other tool of defense. The personal defense products that we have that will attach to a key ring are our Hardcore Pepper Spray, Pouch O’ Pepper, Kubatons, Holla Alarms. Pepper Spray would be the next ideal form of defense, but the alarms would at least create attention!  Attackers are normally looking for opportunity not attention!  

To view/purchase our personal protection products, please visit my website:

Our training call was headed up by a law enforcement officer.  He gave several great tips and information on how to better protect ourselves.  I will continue with more information and tips through my posts in the next few days.  Please check back to help you Be Ready and Stunningly Protected!  

Janie 🙂



Peace of Mind

I go to my daughter’s houses about twice per week and drive home around 9:30 – 10:00 p.m.  I always try to remember to take my pepper spray along just in case I would break down or have a flat tire on the way home and end up walking in the dark.

HARD Core Pepper Spray

I feel much safer having the pepper spray with me, just in case I would encounter something that was looking to hurt me.  A couple of times I forgot to get it from my walking bag or purse before I left.

POUCH of Pepper Spray

Our pepper spray is $10.00 each for the small ones pictured above. (Hard Core or Pouch of Pepper).  I decided at that price, I could lock one in our glove compartment of the car, that way I wouldn’t have to worry with making sure I remembered it.  The Peace of Mind is worth it to me to know that it is there.  I hope to never need it and most likely I won’t.  It seems when we are prepared for something, is when it never happens.  I would rather be prepared and have Peace of Mind than to be in a threatening situation and be at a loss on how to protect myself and/or others.

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Flashlight Self Defense

I was going in to my daughter Terra’s the other night and decided to carry our Road Trip Auto Emergency Tool.  If you click on the name, it will take you to my blog post that gives all the features to use in your vehicle.  But…… I took it along to use as a flashlight

Road Trip Auto Tool

just in case I left when it was dark to be able to see the way.  Well as I was walking, I thought….Wow! This is not only a great tool to keep in a vehicle.  It would work well for self defense!

The glass-breaker under the red plastic cap would work well to do some damage on someone that was trying to hurt you!  The LED emergency beacon would draw attention to you and the alarm would draw more attention.  (Something the attacker would not like)  They are normally looking for an easy target.  Our stun gun with flashlight and pepper spray are preferable.  But if you don’t like either of those or don’t have them available, I think this flashlight tool would help you to defend yourself! 🙂

To view/order this and the rest of our Damsel in Defense products, please visit my website

Stay Safe and Stunningly Protected! 🙂

Janie 🙂


October PROmotion

The rest of “The Alarming Short Story” started yesterday will have to wait….. There is a PROmotion going on! 🙂  I wanted to get it out to you before it is gone.

Our October 2014 Domestic Violence Awareness Month Special includes two FREE exclusive items (only available when purchased in this bundle).

When you order a Purple Pack A Punch Stun Gun, Shell Take 2 Pepper Spray and Bling It Up Disable Pin using this bundle, you will receive a DVA inspired “I’m A Damsel for DVA” Purple Tote Bag and Purple Travel Mug FREE!
Price: $75.00


And…… the PROmotion products for no stun gun areas:

When you order a Step Off Door Alarm, Where’s Yo Baby Kid Tracker, Ombre Black Sock It To Me, Breakaway Keychain and Holla At Me Personal Alarm, you will receive a DVA inspired “I’m A Damsel for DVA” Purple Tote Bag and Purple Travel Mug FREE!
Price: $75.00


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Stay Safe and Stunningly Protected! 🙂


Safety Tips and Self Defense Strategy

The statistics of crime rates is hard to even imagine… The numbers prove that everyone should take care to follow rules to help avoid becoming a victim.  Here are a few tips that may help to keep you safe.

1. Be familiar with your usual travel routes.  Watch for anything out of the ordinary.  Is there somewhere that you could get help if you needed it?  Always be thinking what if?

2. Consider carrying pepper spray. It is legal in all 50 states and you don’t have to let your attacker get close to you.  You can see all the pepper spray that we have in Damsel in Defense at my website

3. Stay alert at red lights, stop signs, and gas stations. Be sure your doors are locked and you are alert to anyone approaching your vehicle.

4. Always look around your vehicle under and inside before you get too close to it.  Someone could be waiting until you get it unlocked to steal your car and possible take you with it!  I like to carry my flash light to my car, which duals as a stun gun!

5. Know how to defend yourself if attacked in your car. It is a good idea to have a Kubotan, and/or other personal protection products

6. If your car breaks down, raise the hood and stay inside with the doors locked. OR  If you have our Gimme a Sign, you won’t have to get out of your car.  You can put the “Assistance Needed” signs in your windows.  Be careful of who stops to help you, make sure you are ready to defend yourself if needed.

Gimme a Sign

7. Never leave your driver’s license in your car.

8. Always remember where you park your car, so you won’t be wandering around the parking area trying to find it.

9. Always walk with confidence. Keep your head up to look anyone you meet in the face.  Usually they are looking for an easy target that can’t identify them. Look behind you every now and then, be aware of your surroundings.

10. Never pull into a parking space next to anyone loitering or sitting in a parked car.  I wrote about this in an earlier post.

Stay Safe and Stunningly Protected! 🙂

Striking Power!

I have been reading in various martial arts articles concerning our Sock it to me striking tool.  In martial arts it is called a Kubotan and is the perfect self defense weapon for pressure point fighting because it permits a smaller person to generate a tremendous amount of striking power.  Every woman and college student should have one of these on their key chain.

Sock it to me Kubotan

Physical Self Defense:

1. Unarmed Fighting: involves knowing how to protect yourself or a loved one from a physical attack.  I know a few guys who were trained in the service.  One was a guy that was in the Marines and was a Recon.  We were walking on a trail and came upon him quickly.  He jumped and said he could have killed us with his finger.  Well I for one do not know techniques to protect myself or others with a finger, and don’t think I would do so well with anything else, so I am going with the 2nd.

2. Armed Fighting: using tools; various hand held weapons such as firearms, knives, sticks, kubotans, pepper spray, stun guns, and everyday objects or homemade weapons.

Most likely firearms would be the best to protect you if you were up against an attacker, but only if it was loaded and ready to fire quickly. I like to have pepper spray and a stun gun handy just in case I need to put the attacker out of commission long enough to give time to lock and load. I know there are many people that do not like firearms and would be afraid to use them.  Pepper Spray and Stun Guns are next in line in my book, but they are for another post.  With this post I will concentrate on our Sock it to me, Striking tool.

The Sock it to me, striking tool is a target specific self defense weapon that must be purposely applied to a specific target.  You need to strike someone where it will give you the best results for them to let you go and leave you alone.  Most attackers are looking for an easy target.  Don’t be that easy target!  Protect yourself and others.

I have found there are several kubotan targets that you can either strike or apply pressure (as a pressure point).  Preferably, the best targets for striking a human with a kubotan are those highly sensitive “bony targets” that are closest to the surface of the skin.  Here are some places that you will find the kubotan most effective in a self defense situation….. Eyes, temple, throat, base of skull, collar bone, sternum, groin, spinal line, elbows, hands.

Please visit my website to see all of the tools you can use to ….

Stay Safe and Stunningly Protected! 🙂