Are you ready?

I am reading on fb about drug dealers, crime and home invasions.  It is really sad.  I see on the news that residents in Bath NY are trying to fight back.  It seems that it is in all areas.

I don’t know the answer to stop it, but I at least have some protection just in case.  Our personal protection products include stun guns, pepper spray, kubatons, alarms, etc.  Our pepper spray enables you to defend yourself while keeping a safe distance from an attacker.  Damsel in Defense pepper spray is one of the hottest on the market!  The potency of this spray enables it to bring down the most aggressive of attacker; even those under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  It is sad to think that we need to keep a can of pepper spray or a stun gun as close as our phone, but it is a very good idea, even when we are home.

Our alarms would be very startling as well and may be enough to give you time to get something else if you didn’t have it close.  Even our Road Trip Flashlight would do some damage on someone if you needed to hit them with the diamond point window breaker.

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Be Safe and Keep Yourself and your Loved ones Stunningly Protected!

Janie 🙂

Layer your protection! Our stun guns have disable pins, so if it would be taken from you it couldn’t be used against you.  If taken from you, you should have something else to take its place,like pepper spray or kubaton.   If your able to….

Stun and Run!  or 

Pack a Punch Stun Guns


Spray and Get Away!


HARD Core Pepper Spray


The Sock it to Me.  Increases the power of any defensive strike.


Sock it to me Kubotan

Today our assignment was to write for 10 minutes…..  Ready? Set! Done!!! 🙂


Coming Back!

I am back after taking a trip to my sister’s.  We enjoyed our time together and the only thing that suffered was my blog posts.  I didn’t have internet service at her house so now I am playing catch up.  My plan is to write 2 posts each day until I am caught up, one for the current day and one for where I left off before the trip. It is no fun getting behind and catching up, so I am glad I had fun while I was there!

Today we are to write about anything…. but it must include a speeding car, a phone call and a crisp bright morning. Sounds like another “short story” ! Ha Ha  I don’t think in this hurried state I feel inspired as I did then, but I will do my assignment! 🙂  See if you can find them! 🙂  I will try to add some safety tips along the way as well, seeing that is what my blog is about.

Coming home from my sister’s was a much better trip than when I left on the Thursday before.  On my way there it rained the whole time. I left in the afternoon so it was dark and raining 5 hours later when I arrived. We had a good time together.  She held her launch party for Damsel in Defense and we set up a vendor booth at the American Legion’s Holiday Shopping Vendors Show during the weekend. There are going to be some happy protected people come Christmas! She sold several of the Road Trip, Alarms, Kubatons, and many other Personal Protection Products.  She did very well and we had a good time.

Road Trip Auto ToolHOLLA_largeSock it to me Kubotan

When I got packed up and headed for home it seemed good that it was a crisp bright morning. 🙂  All at once I saw a blur go by and realized it was a speeding car!  I thought to myself of all the scenarios that it could be.  We should never judge someone when it looks like they are doing something they shouldn’t be, we don’t know the story behind it. I could picture that person getting a phone call that was very upsetting and they were trying to get to their destination in a hurry. You could “what if” all day and find reasons to speed.  I just pray they make it there safely and don’t hurt anyone else along the way.  Sometimes we get so focused on what is wrong, that we miss the danger we put ourselves and others in. It is called, not thinking!  So, This is all the more reason for us to be thinking and aware of our surroundings.  Watch out for the other guy!  He might not be watching out for you!

Be safe and Stunningly Protected!

Janie 🙂

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Road Trip +

My grandson, Chase was leaving my house and asked if I was coming to his house.  I said not until tomorrow.  He is 3 years old.  He then asked me if he could take my flashlight home with him! 🙂  He loves our Road Trip Emergency Auto Tool!  This is Great to carry in your car as I wrote in another post.  But I am finding lots of other uses for it as well!

As they were leaving, I was waving to them out the window.  My daughter told me later that he was saying “Bye Grandma! I have your flashlight!”

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Road Trip Auto Tool


I wrote in another blog post about this also being great as a Self Defense tool when walking.

Now I am finding that little boys love it.  The red flashing light and alarm make it especially interesting.  He can run around acting like he is on his way to a fire!  The flashlight is very captive for him to shine and find things.  He likes me to hide, so he can find me with his/my light.  I put a rubber band around the part that is a seat belt cutter.  I don’t think his fingers could fit in the slot where the blade is, but I didn’t want to take any chances.  The rubber band works very well to guard the blade.  I guess I know what I will be getting Chase for Christmas!  He can play with it, but who knows, it could just end up protect him too!

Stay Safe and Stunningly Protected!

Janie 🙂



Is someone in the House? !

I was a vendor this past weekend with my Damsel in Defense at a Pumpkin Fest in Benton, PA.  It was a fun time and I did very well.

The best part of this business is meeting new people, making new friends and helping them to keep safe.  It is very interesting to talk with the ones who visit my booth.  I hear all kinds of stories and ideas on self defense.  This blog post is about one of the ideas a lady gave me about our Holla at me Alarms.  This is the same alarm that I wrote the short story about on October 7th.


These alarms are very loud (120 decibels).  The lady told me she had heard that an alarm like this would be good to have, in case someone came into your house that wasn’t suppose to be there.  You could set the alarm off and the intruder would think that the police could be on their way!  Most likely they would think they needed to get away fast and leave your house in a hurry!

After she told me that, I realized these alarms do sound like the security alarms in houses.  I thought this was a great idea for an elderly person or someone living alone that doesn’t like the pepper spray or stun guns.

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Stay Safe and Stunningly Protected! 🙂

October PROmotion

The rest of “The Alarming Short Story” started yesterday will have to wait….. There is a PROmotion going on! 🙂  I wanted to get it out to you before it is gone.

Our October 2014 Domestic Violence Awareness Month Special includes two FREE exclusive items (only available when purchased in this bundle).

When you order a Purple Pack A Punch Stun Gun, Shell Take 2 Pepper Spray and Bling It Up Disable Pin using this bundle, you will receive a DVA inspired “I’m A Damsel for DVA” Purple Tote Bag and Purple Travel Mug FREE!
Price: $75.00


And…… the PROmotion products for no stun gun areas:

When you order a Step Off Door Alarm, Where’s Yo Baby Kid Tracker, Ombre Black Sock It To Me, Breakaway Keychain and Holla At Me Personal Alarm, you will receive a DVA inspired “I’m A Damsel for DVA” Purple Tote Bag and Purple Travel Mug FREE!
Price: $75.00


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Stay Safe and Stunningly Protected! 🙂


An Alarming Short Story! :)

This is going to be a bit different post.  I wanted to do something different, so I thought I would try my imagination with a short short story.  My Granddaughter is all the time wanting me to tell her a story so I thought if I wrote one, I would get better at it! Practice makes Perfect Ha Ha 🙂

Once upon a time (doing good so far!  🙂  there were 5 guys, Jim, Ed, Jake, Don and Gibble.  They were so excited to finally have the day approaching that they would be spending time together in the woods archery hunting!  It was a beautiful fall day, they got all packed up and they were on their way.  Just before Jim left the house, his wife told him to take this little black alarm with him.  She said she heard about the stories of hunters getting lost in the woods and thought that it would help someone find him, if that happened to him.  Well, he thought, no way! I am not going to get lost, “Never have! I have been hunting for years!”  And I don’t plan to go to far because I am going to try out the new tree stand that was just put up!   He took the alarm anyway, it was small and light enough to carry and would keep his wife appeased.


It took them 3 hours to reach the farm where they had set there plans to hunt.  The time went by quickly; they were visiting the whole way.  As they pulled up to the farm house, Farmer Mayze was just coming up from the barn.  He was happy to see them and said the weather had been pretty bad for the past couple weeks, but thought it had taken a turn for the better now.  Farmer Mayze’s sons Little Mayze and Bryan came and were set to be their guides. They were on their way back into the woods!

Jim found his tree stand and told the guys to go on ahead, he was tired and was ready to get up in this stand and watch for the deer to come.  Maybe they would push one to him while they walked deeper into the woods.  Jim climbed up in the stand and was sitting resting and watching and listening. He had sat there for quite awhile, it was getting dusk. Just when he was thinking he should have stayed with the guys, he saw a black bear cub coming toward his tree.  He waited and watched, keeping as quiet as he could, but it seemed like his heart was beating drums in his chest.  The mother bear was coming right behind it. The cub was there at the bottom with it’s paws on the tree ready to climb up! Jim was sure hoping it wouldn’t decide to come up in his tree!

JIm thought maybe he could sneak down the other side and get away before they knew he was there.  He was real scared by now and knew a mother bear would protect her cub, even if he wasn’t going to hurt it, she would be aggressive.  On the way down the back of the tree a branch broke and down he came startling the bear cub!  It started crying and mom started growling!  Jim hit the ground so hard he felt like he might have broke something, but he wasn’t sure what!

The bear was closing in on him, he knew if he yelled, it might think that he was challenging it and start the attack.  He wasn’t sure how close the others were to him; they could still be real deep in the woods.  How he wished he would have just stayed with them.  But he didn’t, and had to do something.  Luckily he brought his bow and arrow with him down the tree and it survived the fall!  Nervously he tried to nock his arrow onto the bowstring, but was shaking so bad with the mom growling at him, he nicked the string on the way by, rendering his bow useless!

He had heard you are supposed to curl up in a ball and not move, like he was dead.  He thought he probably really would be dead soon!  Then, he remembered the alarm.  The guys might hear it, and it would be a different sound to the bear than a human yell.  He flipped the switch!  120 decibals screaming out of it.  The bear cub ran away and the mother bear went after it!  Wow what a relief!  He kept the alarm going because he did not want them to come back!

Jim tried to calm his nerves and thought about getting back into the stand, that is when he realized he had really hurt himself in the fall.  He was bleeding, but didn’t know how bad, it was dark.  Trying to think and looking at this alarm sounding, he remembered that it was also a flashlight.  He turned it on and found where he was bleeding, it didn’t look good and didn’t help that his heart was beating harder and faster than ever!  He tried to calm himself and searched around in his pockets for something that he could tie around his leg for a tourniquet.  He found something else his Independent Damsel in Defense PRO wife had put in his pocket!  It was the Wristle Bracelet.

PC-WRISTLE Paracord Bracelet

Jim unwound the 7 feet of interwoven commercial nylon paracord that the bracelet is made of and it worked perfect as a tourniquet to stop the blood flowing from him! He would have to remember to do something real nice for his wife when he got home.  Now he was hoping the guys could hear the alarm and come to his aid soon!

Deep in the woods…… To be continued tomorrow! 🙂

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Be Safe and Stunningly Protected! 🙂